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Yarns and Roving Available Now

Our own yummy wool yarns and roving come in quite a few natural shades of white, cream, grey or brown and have been selected to carry the Virginia's Finest ® label!

After shearing and skirting, the fleeces are sent to McClellan's Frankenmuth Woolen Mill for processing into roving. Some are blended with kid Mohair or dyed silk. A few are blended with natural or dyed Alpaca from local producers.

The mill scours (washes), picks and cards the wool into balls for spinning or batts for quilting and felting.

The yarns from our sheep's wool are spun at Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill. We often blend our wool with Mohair or silk.   All the rest are just as our sheep produced them - beautifully natural colored.  All of our own wool dyes beautifully, too!

We never carbonize (treatment involving acid baths) our wools! Scouring leaves enough lanoline in the wool to retain its natural softness and doesn't make it "itchy". 

An ample stock of roving from our own wool sheep is available, but we also carry designer roving from other sources. 

Literally, tons of mill end yarns have found a temporary home at the Studio's retail shop! We have everything from cotton, linen and wool to Tencel, Soy Silk, silk and all sorts of blends. There are too many choices to include in a catalogue! Besides, we are able to keep your cost lower by not publishing a catalogue. If you have particular yarn desires, please ask us. Again, if we don't have it, we can probably get it for you!

Need pricing and availability? Please call or email your request. We will be happy to help with your selection.

You can call or text (757) 651-2632, or send us an email at

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